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How to Cook the Perfect Basmati Rice

Another fragrant rice

The Basmati Rice is a fragrant rice that people traditionally eat with dishes from India and Pakistan. The grains of this rice are fine and long, they do not stick after cooking.

In most rice consuming countries, the cooking is done by water absorption. When I arrived in France, I discovered the technique of cooking in a large quantity of water, the water is discarded the rice is drained. This way of doing things is easier, but I prefer the technique by water absorption, it keeps better the rice fragrance. Since all the water is used to cook the rice, it is necessary to dose it precisely and also to watch the fire.
To cook the basmati rice by water absorption:
  • for one dose of rice, put one dose and a half of water,
  • put a lid with hole during the whole cooking, bring to a boil,
  • when the water boils, switch to low heat,
  • the rice is cooked when all the water has been absorbed, it takes ten to twelve minutes, KEEP AN EYE ON IT,
  • never mix the rice before the end of cooking.
  • let the rice rest for 30 minutes after cooking.
The rice is ready, it can also be a base to make sautéed with vegetables or meat. Sometimes some low quantities of spices are added to the cooking water: cardamom, saffron, cloves. Bon appétit.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 400g of Basmati rice
  • 75cl of water

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