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Plum sweet & sour sauce

A dipping sauce to make your dishes sweeter

Originally from China, it complement very well many frying dishes. It is slightly viscous. It adds a sensation of sweetness to the dishes.

It is unfortunately disappearing, because the dipping sauce are less and less varied and too often the hot Sriracha sauce is the only one on the tables.

It is easy to make and keeps well in the refrigerator. Bon appétit.
Ingredients for the plum sweet & sour sauce

Ingredients for 1 bowl

  • 2 plums in brine
  • 3 tbsp of sugar
  • 1 tsp of light soy sauce
  • 60ml of water

Crispy Fried Shrimp

Homemade for taste and crispy. They need this plum sweet & sour sauce

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